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An Assorted box of 12 Cupcakes come with a flavourful collection of Cupcake with the Lot to Go,Strawberry Shortbread,Classic Oreo Chocolate and Triple Decker Cherry Cupcakes.

3 x Cupcake with the Lot to Go : This classic yet modern Turquoise Cupcake with the Lot to Go combines with your favourite Oreo cookies, French macarons & Kisses. This finest cupcake comes with White Chocolate ganache filling to create a dreamy indulgence. 

3 x Strawberry Shortbread Cupcake : These moist and delicious strawberry cupcakes are topped with fresh strawberries accompanied by a pretty little flower and strawberry Shortbread cookies with a completely addictive buttercream, they’re just impossible to resist!

3 x Classic Oreo Chocolate Cupcake : These Oreo Chocolate cupcakes will melt in your mouth. Crunchy, creamy Oreo cookie buttercream is just a delight. This finest cupcake combines with chocolate ganache filling to create a dreamy indulgence.

3 x Triple Decker Cherry Cupcake : Indulge your sweet temptations with our Triple Decker Cherry Cupcake. Trio of buttercream flavours accompanied by a sweet cherry on top and sprinkled chocolate chips making it your favourite birthday treat!

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